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PPS and IMA join forces in the Nordic region

We are pleased to share the news that PPS now represents IMA Pharma in the Nordic region.

IMA Pharma is without comparison the globally leading supplier of equipment for production and packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. It is the only supplier in the business who is a real one-stop-shop that can deliver complete and fully integrated solutions from production to palletizing. As a result of IMA’s extensive investment in continuous research and development over the past 10 years, they are now stronger than ever with a product portfolio that sets the standard in the industry. IMA’s products, combined with PPS’ local support and service organization, are a strong combination that has been in demand in the Nordic region for a long time.

With the addition of IMA’s product range to PPS’ already solid list of suppliers, we now have a complete portfolio of products and services that enables us to offer a high-quality solution for any project in processing, packaging, printing, labeling, or automation.

IMA’s portfolio is extensive and is continously expanding with new and innovative products. Latest innovations include completely new flexible packaging solutions and concepts in sustainable packaging materials.

Below is a brief overview of IMA’s main product categories. You will find further information about the different solutions via the links below, and you are also welcomed to contact us for a more detailed review.

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IMA PHARMA Specialized Divisions
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IMA Safe offers a complete range of primary and secondary packaging solutions which you can learn more about via the links below:

Tube filler

Capsule and tablet counters

Blister packaging

Pouch and sachet packing

Packing and end-of-line

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IMA Life division is leading in aseptic processing and freeze drying solutions, which you can read more about here:

Liquid process equipment

Liquid filling

Powder filling

Freeze dryer

Protection and containment


Washing and cleaning

ima active 2

The IMA Active division is a leader in powder and solid processing and manufacturing. You can learn more about the different options here:

Tablet coating

Fluid bed

Powder mixer

Tablet press

Product handling

Washing and cleaning

ima bfb 2

IMA BFB offers end-of-line solutions and secondary packaging machines. Learn more about the solutions here:

Stretch banding and wrapping

Case packers

Palletizers and depalletizers

ima automation 2

IMA Automation supplies, among other things, machines for the manufacture of various types of inhalers and assembly of injection systems (such as pens), as well as solutions for mounting several variants of tubing sets, pacemakers, surgical sutures and diagnostic devices.