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At PPS we assist businesses in optimizing processes and equipment through a wide selection of high-quality products and cutting-edge technology, along with more than 20 years of knowledge and experience. By partnering with the best in the industry we can deliver the best solution to you.

We primarily support the manufacturing and packaging departments in pharma, food and related industries in Scandinavia and Finland. Our in-house service department offers highly skilled technicians with expertise in how to make your equipment perform at its best. Furthermore, they know how to tailor an optimal service and maintenance plan to match your production needs.

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Hammerbakken 12-14
DK-3460 Birkerød

Kungsgårdsvägen 2
SE-230 53 Alnarp

Denmark: +45 45997980
Sweden: +46 701447450

CVR: DK21514632

Company owners

Soren Pedersen SH oval
Søren Pedersen
CEO / Sales Director
Part owner
Tel: +45 26187500
Martin Fensholm SH oval
Martin Fensholm
Technical Director
Part owner
Tel: +45 29437986
Gregers Cotzand
Chairman of the Board
Part owner


Sonny Bue Olsen SH oval
Sonny Bue Olsen
Sales Denmark, Norway, Finland
Tel: +45 29291666
Kasper Hartung SH oval
Kasper Hartung
Serialization & Automation Manager
Tel: +45 51242000
Elsebeth SH oval
Elsebeth Vildal Hansen
Marketing Manager
Tel: +45 31220805
Mikael Ulbl
Sales Sweden, Norway, Finland
Tel: +46 701447450
Brian Snorrason
Service Technician
Tel: +45 21227984
Susanne Merhoj Nielsen SH oval
Susanne Merhøj Nielsen
Tel: +45 23483223
Pia Nesager Pedersen rund
Pia Nesager Pedersen
Senior Project Manager
Tel: +45 61102351
Daniel Schmidt-Rasmussen
Service Technician
Tel: +45 21226160
Jimmi Sinding SH oval
Jimmi Sinding
Project & IT Manager
Tel: +45 21765955
Anders Smith Mandrup Hansen
Automation Specialist & Technical Sales
Tel: +45 21765977
Knud Aulkær Andersen
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
Tel: +45 40426936
Nina Vinghof SH oval
Nina Vinghof
Aftersales & Spareparts
Tel: +45 45997983

Board members

Gregers Cotzand

Chairman of the board

Torben Vogt
Account Director, NNE

Board member

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Søren Pedersen
CEO / Sales Director, PPS A/S

Board member

Lars Olsen
Managing Partner, Aptio Group

Board member

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Martin Fensholm
Technical Director, PPS A/S

Board member

Peter Brønd
Director, SCM EMA in Novozymes

Board member

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