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Meet us at Interpack

The greatest packaging event Interpack is just around the corner, and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into what visitors can expect from our business partners: IMA, Hapa, Gerteis, GUK, Sepha, and Atlantic Zeiser.

Taking place from May 4th to May 10th, 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Interpack promises to showcase the latest innovations and advancements in packaging technology.

You can expect to see a plethora of exciting exhibits and demonstrations, including cutting-edge technologies, such as the IMA robotised cartoning solution and the integrated print and inspection solution from Hapa .

Find below a short presentation of a few solutions from our partners and contact us for a demonstration.

IMA trit one

IMA robotised cartoning solution

IMA SAFE will present on show TRIT-ONE. The robotised cartoning island is designed to handle any kind of product (blisters, syringes, sachets, etc) and has a 1-product-batch option. 

TRIT-ONE offers product traceability and validation of the entire packaging process.

Call us to experience TRIT-ONE at the show.

Adapta 50

IMA ADAPTA 50 capsule filler

IMA ACTIVE will present on show the ADAPTA 50 capsule filler machine and the Continuous Manufacturing Technology. The new capsule filler can reach a speed of 50,000 capsules/hour and the built-in upside-down gravimetric scale ensures maximum accuracy in weight control.

Call us for a demonstration of the ADAPTA 50 at the Interpack fair.

HApa 382 Hybrid

Hapa integrates vision inspection with printing

With the H382 Hybrid printer and the Web 4.0 5D Hapa offers the perfect printing solution for managing complexity in pharmaceutical packaging.

The solution radically reduces system integration and validation effort, offering a pre-validated package comprising printing and inspection sharing the same end-to-end PDF workflow.

Would you like to see it at Interpack? Call us and let’s set it up.


IMA aseptic processing & freeze drying solutions

The IMA LIFE INJECTA 36 is the latest high-speed advanced solution for RTU and pre-capped cartridges.

You will also be able to experience the high-speed filling and stoppering machine, XTREMA, as well as LYNFINITY LAB, a laboratory spray freezing module.

Call us to discover more about the solutions.

AZ digiline vario

Atlantic Zeiser introduces DIGILINE Vario

For higher flexibility and agility in your consumer goods packaging proces, take a closer look at DIGILINE Vario from Atlantic Zeiser.

It offers you in-house printing capabilities and radically reduces time to market. Moreover, it enables late stage customization, giving you the opportunity to tailor your brand message or personalize products for end-users.

Let’s meet in Düsseldorf

Interpack is an unmissable event for anyone involved in the packaging industry or interested in the latest packaging technologies.

Are you interested in a presentation of what our partneres can offer?
Or just to have a coffee and a quick talk? Then please contact us and let’s set it up.

📱  Søren Pedersen +45 26187500

📱  Sonny Bue Olsen +45 29291666

📱  Mikael Ulbl +46 701447450

For any practical information about the Interpack show visit their website here.

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