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Laetus Quality Inspection at special campaign prices

Vision inspection systems can be used in many aspects of the manufacturing process, for example in the authentication of products and to visually control the product quality or the package labeling.

A brief inattention during a manual work step in production can quickly lead to the incorrect placement of packaging materials on production machines. Similarly, in an automatic process, a printer, for example, fails and thus causes misprint or incorrect labeling. Such errors are costly and may be damaging to a company’s reputation and brand value. The good news is that we can offer individual solutions to significantly reduce such risks for you.

We have expanded our product portfolio with attractive Quality and Vision Inspection packages that will improve your processes in a targeted manner and make them safer.

Up to the end of 2020, we offer you customized packages at a special campaign price as part of an exclusive promotion. The packages cover both new installations and upgrades of outdated equipment. The solutions are precisely tailored to your specific needs, easy to integrate and can be expanded upon at any time with additional quality control steps.
Our customized pharma packages cover:

Blister control

The quality inspection system is applicable to coloured tablets, capsules of various consistencies and content (solid, loose, or liquid), and smooth or dull surfaces.
The inspection system detects defects such as wrong colour, shape, or size; any type of contamination or damage; foreign objects in the production line; positional errors, presence, overfilling, as well as 3D height control and 2D contour control.

Leaflet control

The leaflet control system detects matching of foil, leaflet, and carton. The system uses a code camera to control whether a box contains the correct leaflet insert destined for it. The code camera reads all standard 1D and 2D barcodes, including pharma-code.

Carton control

Folding cartons most often carry a variation of codes and variable data. To ensure everything gets checked quickly and reliable our Carton Control package is ideal. The carton control system reads pharma-code, 1D and 2D codes, graphic elements, and variable text data.

Label control

Label inspection can take place before, during, or after application. The inspection system can handle all types of products, such as bottles, cartons, and many more. Besides label control, the system can also check the coloured ring marking on bottles.

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