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Say hello to PPS Automation

PPS A/S just got a new division – say hello to PPS Automation. We create value for you!

PPS Automation is created in response to the growing demand for automation and optimization of production and packaging processes, and we continue to build upon more than 20 years of experience from PPS A/S.

You will be in capable hands if you wish to automate everything or just a part of your production or packaging processes. We will guide you from building the business case to identifying and implementing the most optimal solution for your business. With our specialist knowledge we will help you become more agile and increase the efficiency and competitiveness of your business.

At PPS Automation we offer solutions for the pharmaceutical/medico industry as well as food or manufacturing industries. Our area of expertise includes automation, process optimization, robot integration, and solutions for packaging, labeling, and printing. We work with both cobots and industrial robots, and always offer the solution that offer the greatest advantages in your environment.

We have vast experience in building prototypes and developing Proof of Concept for fast and efficient evaluation of new technology. Automation creates value for businesses by increasing productivity and improving competitiveness, while supporting the opportunity of higher agility, production savings, higher value chain reliability, and a reduction in uniform movements and work tasks.

We continue to cooperate with a great number of recognized and specialized brands and together with our extensive knowledge and experience, PPS Automation offers a wide variety of solutions, including both standard solutions and tailored solutions. PPS Service Department also covers PPS Automation, and we are always able to provide a professional and fast service and support for both planned and acute situations.

Visit our website at ppsautomation.com or contact us at +45 4599 7980 or sp@pps.as if you wish to know more about your automation opportunities.