Atlantic Zeiser PPS business partnerAtlantic Zeiser delivers solutions of highest quality within digital printing, late stage customization, serialization, and track & trace for FMCG, cosmetics and other non-pharma packaging. With the new Omega Pro printer Atlantic Zeiser offers a high-resolution printing and coding system for personalization of a variety of products.

Autopack PPS business partnerAutopack designs and manufactures shrink wrapping machines for cartons, bottles, and trays. Autopack machines are simple to operate and have a very fast change over. They can be configured and adjusted to different types of products as well as company requirements.

Denso PPS business partnerDenso Robotics offers a wide range of high-speed, high-precision, 4-axis SCARA and 5 and 6-axis articulated industrial robots, for payloads up to 20 kg. Standard, cleanroom, dust, and mist-proof models are available to accommodate many different applications.

Diosna PPS business partnerDiosna produces universal and special mixers, granulators, dryers (VAC), vacuum dryers for single-pot processing, fluid bed batch processing plants, coating plants, mixing, and processing plants. The range goes from lab scale to full production capacity.

Frewitt PPS business partnerFrewitt develops and manufactures milling and sizing equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries. Frewitt is also an expert partner for high-tech sieving, homogenization, de-agglomeration, conveying, dosing, and filling solutions for powders and granulates of every type.

Guk PPS business partnerGUK develops and produces complex high capacity folding and feeding machines for the pharmaceutical industry. The machines may operate as stand-alone modules or in-line and are available with 4-6 folding pockets per station.

Hapa PPS business partnerHapa is specialized in Late Stage Customization and On Demand packaging printing solutions, offering digital and flexo printing technologies for blister foils and films, paper, cartons, glass, plastic, IV bags, caps, and many other types of packaging materials. Hapa also offers the format-free printing module, Redcube, which excels at serialization, coding, and marking in the highest print quality.

Herma PPS business partnerHerma labeling systems provide the ultimate solution for precision labeling. Solutions range from simple manual dispensers and standard machines through to tailor-made solutions for individual high-tech labeling tasks. All solutions are of a high quality, exceptional accuracy and easy to handle.

Kilian Romaco PPS business partnerRomaco Kilian supplies high performance tableting solutions for a number of different industries, including pharma. Kilian tablet solutions are suitable for all types of tablets and come in different sizes, from small R&D presses to high-speed large-scale production presses.

Laetus PPS business partnerLaetus provides Secure Track & Trace Solutions (S-TTS), which ensure traceability and transparency, counterfeit protection, and control throughout the entire supply chain. Laetus also offers three different modular control systems (ARGUS, INSPECT and POLYPHEM) for identification, inspection and quality control through reading and scanning of text and 1 and 2-D codes as well as product control.

Schneider Leichtbau PPS business partnerLKE manufactures product handling equipment, such as pallet lifters, drum lifters, pallet turning, and pallet handling systems; also, for the use in hygiene-sensitive environments, e.g. pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Macofar Romaco PPS business partnerRomaco Macofar offers filling solutions for sterile powders and granules. Machine solutions include micro dosing machines, filling machines for dry and liquid materials, washing machines and sterilizing tunnels for ampoules and vials – all machines can be supplied as standard or aseptic models.

Müller PPS business partnerMüller designs and manufactures cleaning solutions of cutting-edge hygienic design and with the highest product safety. Moreover, the equipment range includes stainless steel drums and containers, and stationary and mobile handling equipment for technical processing applications.

Noack Romaco PPS business partnerWith the Noack brand Romaco offers flexible blister packaging solutions for small to medium batch sizes. Blister machines are available with platen or rotary sealing. The solution may serve as stand-alone equipment or integrated in a blister line.

Pfankuch PPS business partnerPfankuch supplies high-speed feeding systems for all types of flat items, collating and wrapping systems, as well as batch counters, batch banders and transport conveyors. Pfankuch feeder systems may also be integrated with other solutions, such as Rea Jet.

Pharma Packaging Systems PPS business partnerPharma Packaging Systems designs and manufactures electronic and high-speed counters for tablets and capsules. The tablet counting systems can either serve as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated packaging line.

Promatic Romaco PPS business partnerRomaco Promatic supplies innovative and advanced cartoning solutions, such as intermittent and continuous motion cartoners with horizontal or vertical feeding, vertical cartoners, and case packers.

Riva PPS business partnerRiva develops and manufactures tablet presses and a number of accessory equipment such as tablet de-dusters, tooling, spare parts, monitoring and control systems for production. Scale size ranges from pilot to medium size production.

Romaco PPS business partnerRomaco designs intelligent system solutions, including tablet presses, blister and strip packaging machines, tube filling machines, cartoners, end of line equipment, liquid filling and powder dosing machines, rigid tube fillers, and counting devices.

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Sepha supplies semiautomatic blister machines for R&D and small productions; de-blistering machines for semi- and fully automated emptying of blisters with product and blister separation; and leak testing equipment. The leak test equipment performs a “non-destructive” control of both blisters, bags and bottles which means the tested material can be re-used.

Siebler Romaco PPS business partnerRomaco Siebler offers strip packaging and tube filling systems. Robotic transfer solutions enable flexible-format processing, strip packaging in different geometries, and rigid tube filling according to the rotation principle.

Tecninox PPS business partnerTecninox designs and develops solutions for both aseptic and toxic handling of liquids, as well as equipment for heating, cooling, and homogenization. Tecninox can offer equipment as a mobile unit, a complete system or even a complete factory solution.

Telstar PPS business partnerTelstar offers a wide range of equipment solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical-hospital, biotech, and related industries. Equipment includes containment & barrier systems, freeze drying systems, and sterilization systems. Moreover, Telstar offers consultancy services and engineering capabilities ranging from equipment design to complete green field projects.

Universal Robots PPS business partnerWith a Universal Robots robot arm you can automate and streamline repetitive or potentially unsafe processes. Universal offers three different collaborative robots which are easily integrated into existing production environments. The robot arms have a payload of 3, 5 or 10 kg and up to 1,300 mm range.

Volkmann PPS business partnerVolkmann offers a complete fully contained powder handling system for the safe material transfer of fine chemicals, granules, pellets, tablets, and small components. Volkmann systems are particularly well-suited to dust-tight, segregation-free, and damage-free powder handling under vacuum.

Volpak PPS business partnerVolpak designs and manufactures automatic flexible packaging machines for a number of different industries. Equipment includes horizontal form-fill seal for pouching, vertical form-fill seal for bagging, cartoner machines, case packer machines, as well as tailor-made solutions.