Pharmaceutical packaging machines

On this page, you will find our wide range of primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging machines. We work with a number of different suppliers of industrial packaging machines, enabling us to help you find the solution best fitted for your unique requirements.

Our portfolio ranges from simple filling equipment over blister packaging and pouch packs to cartoning and end-of-line equipment. We also offer inspection equipment and Track & Trace solutions.

In addition, we supply automation and robotic solutions, which for example may help optimize productivity or automate repetitive or potentially unsafe processes.

Learn a bit more about the possibilities below and please visit the individual pages by following the image links. Feel free to contact us directly for a non-binding talk about the solution suited for your specific needs.

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IMA tube filler

Tube filler

We supply efficient and highly automated tube filling equipment for filling effervescent tablets in fixed pipes. The equipment can be integrated with a number of units, including tablet presses and tailored feeder solutions.

For filling of softer pipes and tubes of e.g. plastic, aluminum or laminates, both semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions are offered. In addition, there are various sealing and closing systems, e.g. hot air sealing or ultrasonic sealing.

IMA liquid filling

Liquid filling

For filling liquids into bottles or vials, we offer equipment for both non-sterile and aseptic substances. We deliver to various industries and the equipment can be used for e.g. cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical liquids.

The filling machines are compatible with a wide range of lids and other closures. The machines can also be combined with secondary packaging machines or other integrated solutions.

IMA powder filling

Powder filling

For filling of all kinds of powder, we offer both standard machines and individually adapted solutions that can be integrated with secondary packaging machines.

We supply a number of different solutions that, depending on individual customer requirements, can fill powder and granules in vials, glass or plastic bottles.

In addition, we offer aseptic powder filling equipment designed for production in clean rooms and with isolators.

IMA tablet counter

Tablet counter

Tablet counters are offered as stand-alone units or integrated into complete packaging lines. They can be used for many different tablets and capsules, including “wine gum” vitamins. What the solutions have in common is that the machines run at high speed, have optimal product control and very high counting accuracy.

Bottle sorting machines and other complementary equipment are also available.

Blister packaging machine

Blister packaging

We offer different packaging machines for blister cards; from small production with few products to large integrated solutions. Blister cards are a common packaging for unit dosage of various pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

All machines are designed based on the concept of a flexible machine that can be adapted to individual needs. The blister machines can be adapted to different types of products, such as tablets, capsules and ampoules. In addition, the machine can be easily expanded with a cartoning unit and control equipment.

IMA pouch and sachet packaging

Pouch and sachet packing

Within bag and sachet packaging, we offer a range of form-fill-seal solutions for both horizontal and vertical filling, as well as solutions for forming, filling and closing.

The solutions are relevant for a number of different industries, including food and medicine. The filling and packaging machines can be used for different types of packaging, such as sachets, standing bags, resealable bags, as well as bags made of more sustainable material, e.g. recycled paper.

Sepha leak test 2

Leak testing

We offer a range of deterministic leak testing systems based on an innovative non-destructive testing method.

Unlike the “Blue Dye Methylene” test system, this leak test system is non-destructive, allowing the tested product to be returned to the production line, instead of being destroyed.

Case packing

Packing and end-of-line

Equipment for packaging and end-of-line covers horizontal and vertical cartoning systems, box packers, shrink-wrapping systems, stretch banding and palletizing systems.

The packaging machines can be highly adapted to individual needs and delivered as product-specific solutions, just as we can offer fully integrated systems.

PPS A/S feeding equipment from Pfankuch


We supply feeders of the highest quality to solve a number of tasks, including feeding leaflets, as well as feeding booklets, sachets, blister cards or other flat items.

The equipment can be supplied as free-standing units or integrated with a packaging machine or cartoning line.

PPS A/S folding and feeding equipment from GUK


We supply folding machines of the highest quality to solve a number of tasks, including folding and placing leaflets in boxes, as well as feeding booklets, sachets or other flat items.

The folding machines can be supplied as free-standing units or they can be integrated with a packaging machine or cartoning line.

Automation and robots

Automation and robots

Robot systems can optimize your productivity and shorten your production lead times by, for example, ensuring higher precision and speed. In addition, collaborative robots can automate repetitive, manual or potentially unsafe processes. Collaborative robots are designed to share a workspace with humans, without the need for any safety measures, after an initial risk assessment.

In addition to robotic systems, we offer a wide range of automation solutions that can all help to optimize your packaging machine and/or your work processes. We offer both tailor-made solutions and standard equipment, regardless of whether it concerns robotic systems or other forms of automation.

Vision inspection

Vision inspection

Inspection systems can be used in many aspects of the manufacturing and packaging process, for example for product inspection, visual control of filling, code reading and/or for collecting data from the packaging process.

We offer several solutions for different industries. The inspection and control systems are naturally adapted to both product and other individual specifications, and can be integrated into production lines and packaging machines.

Track and trace and serialization

Track & Trace and serialization

One of the major challenges for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and food is that requirements and regulations for secure product tracking vary from country to country. There are also challenges in other industries, and here we can also offer both equipment and sparring.

During serialization, each product is assigned and affixed with a unique code so that the product can be monitored throughout the value chain. In this way, the product can be identified at any time, and the risk of counterfeiting and manipulation is eliminated. We deliver both standard solutions and individually adapted solutions for both serialization and Track & Trace.

Industrial packaging machines for pharmaceuticals

The PPS selection of primary and secondary medical packaging machines are manufactured specifically to package pharmaceuticals effectively and suitably. Our machines provide professional packaging which secures drug efficacy throughout the shelf life of the individual product. This ensures consumer safety as well as many other factors including:

  • Uniformity and documentation of the packages
  • Compliance and adherence to required packaging standards
  • Product presentation, identification and protection
  • Product containment and stability
  • Consumer convenience

Medical packaging machines for liquid, powder and more

At PPS, you will find industrial packaging machines for pharmaceutical products in numerous different forms. Our range includes packaging machines for:

  • Tube filling: machines for filling tubes of various materials including plastic, aluminium, laminate and metal.
  • Liquid filling: liquid filling solutions for pharmaceuticalsl, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.
  • Powder filling: filling solutions for filling powders and granulates into vials or bottles.
  • Pouch and sachet packing: machines for filling sachets and pouches with most product types, including powders, liquids and creams.

The materials used for our range of medical packaging machines are in compliance with WHO standards for pharmaceutical packaging.

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