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Pharmaceutical packaging machines

On this page, you will find our wide range of primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging machines. We work together with a number of different suppliers of industrial packaging machines, enabling us to help you find the solution best fitted for your unique requirements.

Our portfolio ranges from simple filling equipment over blister packaging and pouch packs to cartoning and end-of-line equipment. We also offer inspection equipment and Track & Trace solutions.

For more information about the medical packaging equipment we offer, please visit the individual pages by following the links below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or you are searching for a custom solution, please contact us directly.

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Industrial packaging machines for pharmaceuticals

The PPS selection of primary and secondary medical packaging machines are manufactured specifically to package pharmaceuticals effectively and suitably. Our machines provide professional packaging which secures drug efficacy throughout the shelf life of the individual product. This ensures consumer safety as well as many other factors including:

  • Uniformity and documentation of the packages
  • Compliance and adherence to required packaging standards
  • Product presentation, identification and protection
  • Product containment and stability
  • Consumer convenience

Medical packaging machines for liquid, powder and more

At PPS, you will find industrial packaging machines for pharmaceutical products in numerous different forms. Our range includes packaging machines for:

  • Tube filling: machines for filling tubes of various materials including plastic, aluminium, laminate and metal.
  • Liquid filling: liquid filling solutions for pharmaceuticalsl, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.
  • Powder filling: filling solutions for filling powders and granulates into vials or bottles.
  • Pouch and sachet packing: machines for filling sachets and pouches with most product types, including powders, liquids and creams.

The materials used for our range of medical packaging machines are in compliance with WHO standards for pharmaceutical packaging.

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