New serialization law pose challenge for anyone manufacturing products for the Russian market

PPS A/S Laetus Russian Crypto Code serialization

In January 2019, the Russian Crypto-Code Act became law. By January 2020 it will become mandatory to have the serialization code on all medicines imported into and sold in Russia.

The crypto-code is twice the size of the European 2D matrix code with an additional 48 characters. This presents a challenge for most manufacturers as their current printing and verification equipment is not designed to handle these larger serialization codes.

Russia is not only implementing crypto-codes to pharmaceutical products, but to most product groups. Consequently, it is essential to prepare for and meet the serialization and crypto-code requirements in order to keep selling products to Russia.

PPS partner Laetus has produced a white paper with all necessary information about regulations, which product groups are affected when, and the details that need to be observed closer. It clearly explains how the crypto-code works and how the requirements can be integrated into production processes. Fill in the form below to get your whitepaper.

Reach out to PPS if you are doing business in Russia. We can help you with the right equipment to meet these new serialization demands.

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