Hapa digital print


PPS offers a number of printing solutions together with our partners Hapa and Atlantic Zeiser.

We supply different types of printing for a wide range of surfaces, including glass and plastic. In addition, serialization codes and other variable data can be printed directly on the packaging, making it even more difficult to copy the product. Read more about tamper-evident labeling here.

With digital printing you have the opportunity of implementing what we call “just-in-time printing”. Just-in-time printing is when variable data is printed after the product is ordered, instead of pre-printing packages for stock. There are several benefits to implementing late stage customization, and it has a positive effect on the entire supply chain. Read more here.

For customized solutions please contact us. Please notice, we do also offer all round labeling solutions, including automatic label applicator, that labels in a safe and secure manner. Contact us for more information.

PPS Model Inline Close Up 03 Fritlagt

Digital Inline Printing

With digital printing, you can go from pdf to a printed product in just a few hours and the time to market is greatly reduced compared to traditional analogue printing. The design can be corrected and tested directly on site, and as soon as the final approval is in, you are ready to print. It is designed to be an agile process without having to compromise on speed, quality, or reliability of the production. In most cases, digital inline printing is the optimal solution, especially if there are many product variants or the products are sold in many different countries.

  • Lower unit costs
  • Reduced waste and storage space
  • Print on demand

Read more about inline print here.

PPS A/S UV flexo print solution from Hapa

Hapa blisterfoil flexo printing

UV flexo print technology is ideal for printing on blister foil materials but can also be used for a number of other applications, such as pouches and sachets. Flexo printers use a rotary printing technology which is format-free and compatible with both intermittent and continuous motion blister machines.

  • Easy change of colours without tooling or clean-down.
  • Flexo print units available as roll-to-roll.
  • Flexo printers can be integrated onto any blister machine as top- or stand-mounted.
PPS A/S UV DOD Drop-On-Demand web 4.0 print solution from Hapa

Hapa blisterfoil digital printing

UV inkjet printing systems offer fully digital printing in up to six colours, in CMYK or spot colours/varnish. Drop on Demand (DOD) inkjet technology is suitable for small batch printing, codes, serialization, and anti-counterfeiting measures. DOD printing technology is easily integrated in the processing and enables printing without production slowdowns.

  • Highest print quality with drop placement at up to 720 dpi.
  • Artwork changeovers are made without tools or clean down.
  • Prints on a wide selection of substrates.
PPS A/S Hybrid print solution from Hapa - UV flexo and UV DOD combination

Hapa blisterfoil hybrid printing

Hybrid printing technology combines UV flexo and UV DOD into one agile printing system. The two technologies operate together or separately in order to obtain the best cost/performance ratio. The hybrid system is easily integrated into continuous or intermittent motion packaging machines.

  • Web widths up to 370 mm at speeds up to 27 meters per minute.
  • Prints on many different substrates, including aluminium foil, medical paper, PVC, and Tyvek.
  • Hybrid technology is ideal for Just-In-Time production thanks to its flexibility.
PPS A/S print and marking Atlantic Zeiser Omega Pro printer

Atlantic Zeiser UV DOD printing

The newly developed high-resolution OMEGA Pro UV inkjet printer provides the highest quality cross-system printing and coding system in high resolution monochrome or full-colour printing. Omega Pro combines the productivity of commonly used offset printing with the flexibility of digital printing technology, offering numerous possibilities for coding, personalization, serialization, and late stage customization.

  • High cost efficiency, also for small batch production.
  • Outstanding colour and contour reproduction, even of the smallest details and font sizes.
  • Reduced production downtime with auto-cleaning.
PPS A/S print and marking Atlantic Zeiser Digiline Versa

Atlantic Zeiser DIGILINE Versa

DIGILINE Versa is a fully integrated and modular system that enables economical full-colour print and efficient late stage customization of cartons in one single pass. The DIGILINE Versa brings you greater flexibility by reducing carton SKUs, minimizing stock, and allowing for batch sizes as low as 1, making it ideal for just-in-time production.

  • Highest quality printing with the OMEGA and OMEGA Pro printers.
  • Can be configured for different applications in the packaging industry.
  • Short process time with quick changeover of print layout.
Hapa Redcube plus

Hapa Redcube and Redcube+

Redcube from Hapa is a compact, digital UV Inkjet printmodule that uses UV ink that are hardened using a LED UV lamp and are free of solvents. Redcube can be integrated into any production process and can print graphics files, variable data, 2D matrix codes, symbols and barcodes on most materials when passed past the print head on a conveyor belt or as part of the packaging process. With a Hapa Redcube you can print in photo quality directly on lacquered and unpainted materials and components of many different materials such as plastic and metal at very high speed.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Ability to print on a large scale and at high speed
  • Print directly on the product

Read more about the Hapa Redcube and Redcube+ here.

PPS A/S Tailor-made UV ink from Hapa

Hapa ink

Hapa Ink specializes in developing, producing, and delivering tailor-made UV inks and supplies, according to customers´ needs. Orders of any size can be handled, no matter how small or large. Hapa inks can be printed on plastic, aluminium, and labeling materials of all types. The performance of their white inks is unsurpassed.

Watch the video below and feel free to contact PPS for more details.

PPS A/S Service & Aftersales solutions for customers

PPS Service & Aftersales

Uniquely for the industry PPS has its own service department, which is of great benefit to our customers. PPS service department has specially trained technicians with the highest expertise and experience. We offer a long list of services, including:

  • Installation and renovation of existing equipment.
  • Design of complete solutions; everything from the requirements specifications and logistics, to execution and validation.
  • Competent feedback on automation solutions or other type of production optimization.
  • Installing and/or moving entire production or packaging lines.
  • Training of technical personnel and operators in optimal use of the installed equipment.
  • Tailor-made service and aftersales agreements for ongoing maintenance as well as assistance in case of breakdown.

In addition, PPS delivers spare parts and consumables directly to our customers from own stock. Having our own stock ensures fast and efficient delivery, which minimizes any production downtime for our customers.

If you want to know more about our service department, please contact us directly or get more information here.