IMA PRACTICA capsule filling

IMA Capsule filling

PPS supplies a wide range of machines for capsule filling and banding from our partner IMA.

We offer high-quality capsule filling solutions for most types of products, including powder, pellets, tablets, minitablets, and liquids into hard gelatine capsules.

Capsule banding is achieved through the application of a liquid gelatine ring on the external surface of the capsule. Our banding solution from IMA is suitable for tamper-evident capsule sealing.

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IMA ADAPTA Capsule Filler

Multi product dosing at high speed, flexible configuration, 100% weight control are the hallmarks of ADAPTA.

Deep knowledge has allowed the IMA capsule fillers to evolve and adapt to the ever changing requirements of the market. ADAPTA is extremely innovative and able to dose powder, pellets, tablets, minitablets and liquids into hard gelatine capsules.

  • Exceptional design flexibility: dosing units are reversible/interchangeable enabling plug and play shift between different machine configurations and capsule filling combinations.
  • Multi product dosing at high speed: designed to dose 3 products (up to 5 upon request) into the same capsule.
  • Total in-process control: with the appropriate options, total production control is achieved thanks to individual product dosage checking and 100% control of gross and/or net weight.

IMA PRACTICA Capsule Filler

Simple, reliable, and effective, PRACTICA is the unbeatable answer to a wide variety of straightforward capsule filling requirements. A competitive solution in terms of speed, precision, and ease of use.

A combination of IMA Active’s technological expertise and understanding of industry requirements, PRACTICA guarantees high reliability in processing granules, powder, or pellets.

  • Single product dosing: designed to dose powder/granules or, alternatively, pellets with very high accuracy.
  • User-friendly: skilled operators are not required to run this capsule filler.
  • Interactive and intuitive HMI, compliant with 21 CFR part 11 rules and GAMP 5 guidelines.

IMA MINIMA Table-top Capsule Filler

Designed for micro-dosing or solid product filling, MINIMA is an efficient tool to assess product processability, being at the same time directly scalable to production line capsule fillers.

MINIMA is a table-top capsule filler designed to dose DPIs or solid products for oral administration in hard capsules.

Extremely precise and with a single dosator, MINIMA can work with all capsule sizes and any dosage, as it can be equipped with all dosing devices found on standard production machines. Portable and with minimal user requirements, MINIMA is completely mechanical and only requires compressed air to function.

  • Mimics the same process and dosing parameters of production machines.
  • Three configurations available: OSD (Oral Solid Dosage) powder or pellets and DPIs (Dry Powder Inhalers).
  • Powder bowl with adjustable height and accurate scraping system with powder recovery ring, suitable for DPIs.

IMA ZANASI and ZANASI PLUS Capsule Fillers

ZANASI and ZANASI PLUS are IMA’s first automatic capsule fillers and with their simple configuration, they offer maximum versatility in terms of combined dosing within the same capsule.

ZANASI and ZANASI PLUS are able to dose powder, pellets, tablets, minitablets and liquids into hard gelatine capsules, depending on machine configuration and installed dosing units. And the hallmark of these machines is their user-friendliness appreciated by operators.

  • Combined dosing of various products with excellent results in terms of dosing accuracy and speed.
  • Easy access to the working area.
  • Ergonomic interface: skilled operators are not required to run this machine.

IMA ZANASI THC Capsule Filler

Designed to allow the testing of HAPI, ZANASI THC is the total high containment machine of the Zanasi series. Combining production safety and versatility, ZANASI THC is the perfect answer to contained capsule filling requirements.

ZANASI THC guarantees the appropriate containment level for OEB 5 products. Provided with special seals to isolate the processing area, glove ports for safe access into the machine and washing system, ZANASI THC ensures both operators’ and environmental safety.

  • Maximum versatility: combined dosing of various products within the same capsules.
  • High dosing accuracy and separate adjustment of machine working parameters.
  • Quick size changeover time.

IMA IMATIC Capsule Filler

Designed to reach very high speeds, IMATIC dedicates more time to the most delicate phases of the filling process. The continuous movement of the unique turret system has proven over the years to combine precision and reliability.

Able to dose powder or pellet into hard gelatine capsules, the IMATIC operating system is based on a single turret concept where a rotary motion of 810 degrees guides the capsules through all processing phases.

  • Complete separation between production and mechanical areas to prevent the powder from passing to the lower part of the machine.
  • Can be fitted with Clean-in-Place (CIP) system for a completely automatic and validatable cleaning.
  • Simple and quick size-change operations.

IMA ZANASI 70C Capsule Filler

Exclusively used to produce Press-Fit® and Xpress-Fit® Gelcaps, ZANASI 70C is the ideal solution to produce a unique gelatine-coated tablet. The gel-enrobing technology combines the advantages of the hard gelatine capsule with those of the tablet.

Originating from the Zanasi series, ZANASI 70C creates a process during which a precisely sized oblong tablet is inserted into two halves of identical gelatine bodies. An easy to swallow dosage form, masking both taste and odour of the drug, allowing the administration of high product doses compared to standard capsules.

  • Automatic feeding and positioning of the two halves of the gelatine bodies.
  • Precise insertion of the tablets.
  • Possibility of joining the two halves together (Press-Fit® Gelcaps) or to leave a gap at the midpoint (XPress-Fit® Gelcaps).

IMA DS71 Capsule selection unit

DS71 is a high-speed unit able to handle the entire capsule size range and to remove dust. Flexible in height and in feeding speed, it can be easily integrated with all capsule filling machines.

DS71 selects and separates the correctly filled capsules from the empty or almost empty ones that are unsuitable for the subsequent packaging phase. The capsules are introduced into the feeding hopper, selected by means of a filtered air jet and conveyed to the relevant container.

  • Adjustable in height.
  • Able to handle all capsule sizes.
  • Feeding speed regulation with visual monitoring of the performed adjustment.

IMA SC SYSTEM Capsule selection and feeding unit

SC SYSTEM capsule feeding and selection device improves capsule fillers’ productivity. It automatically selects any crushed or ovalised capsule and feeds only the perfect ones into the machine hopper.

SC SYSTEM consists of a capsule container, placed near the capsule filling machine. It is provided with a continuous rotating wheel with a series of calibrated holes so that only perfect capsules can pass through. After selection, capsules are fed into the machine hopper with an uplifting belt or a blow of air.

  • Different selecting wheels available depending on capsule size.
  • Quick and easy size changeover.
  • Automatic stop and restart when the capsule minimum load level is reached inside the filling hopper.

IMA HERMETICA Capsule banding machine

HERMETICA has an ergonomic layout guaranteeing maximum visibility and best accessibility to each phase of the process, making it suitable for tamper-evident capsule sealing.

HERMETICA fits the purpose of sealing capsules filled with liquid, powder, or other products. Banding is achieved through the application of a liquid gelatine ring on the external surface of the capsule.

  • Good accessibility and easy operations: balcony structure, low positioning of capsule feeding unit and exit chute.
  • Two rollers with independent speed regulation for double application of the gelatine band.
  • Pre-drying unit to guarantee fast fixing of the gelatine band before transferring the capsules into the drying box.
IMA Precisa check weigher

IMA PRECISA weight-checking machine

PRECISA combines very high production speeds with an outstanding weighing system in terms of precision. It is designed for hard gelatine and HPMC capsules, The weight-checking machine uses an extremely reliable product transfer system to the weighing cell that minimises vibrations, for 100% weight control. After weighing, any out-of-weight products are rejected into a specific container. Moreover, it is designed with an extremely compact layout to save space in the production area.

  • Fail-safe rejection of faulty capsules.
  • Quick size changeover.
  • Possible connection in-line with all capsule fillers currently on the market.
PPS A/S Service & Aftersales solutions for customers

PPS Service & Aftersales

Uniquely for the industry PPS has its own service department, which is of great benefit to our customers. PPS service department has specially trained technicians with the highest expertise and experience. We offer a long list of services, including:

  • Installation and renovation of existing equipment.
  • Design of complete solutions; everything from the requirements specifications and logistics, to execution and validation.
  • Competent feedback on automation solutions or other type of production optimization.
  • Installing and/or moving entire production or packaging lines.
  • Training of technical personnel and operators in optimal use of the installed equipment.
  • Tailor-made service and aftersales agreements for ongoing maintenance as well as assistance in case of breakdown.

In addition, PPS delivers spare parts and consumables directly to our customers from own stock. Having our own stock ensures fast and efficient delivery, which minimizes any production downtime for our customers.

If you want to know more about our service department, please contact us directly or get more information here.