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Semi-automatic and automatic label applicators

Together with our partners IMA and Herma we supply numerous labeling solutions, ranging from simple manual label dispensers to high-tech customized labeling machines.

Universal to all our labeling solutions is that we offer industrial labeling machines whose powerful functions and high labeling accuracy promote significant savings in production. Further, all labeling systems available through PPS can be delivered to comply with pharmaceutical standards.

We supply labeling solutions ranging from simple label dispensers and semi-automatic labeling machines to automatic label applicators. The machine showcase below is a selection of available labeling machines. Contact us directly for more solutions.

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IMA MODULA Syringe assembly machine

The assembly and labelling of pre-filled glass syringes is a delicate process that must preserve the syringe and the drug it contains. Recently developed by IMA Life, MODULA is the converging element between aseptic filling and secondary packaging.

Modula is an assembly machine for pre-filled glass syringes capable of performing several operations: plunger rod insertion, labelling, backstop assembly. Available in four models and designed with a continuous motion principle, it covers low-medium output requirements and provides a high level of automation.

The machine features a central transport carrousel, which delicately guides the syringes through all steps and a positive transport system of the syringes and all the components requiring assembly, so as to ensure high precision in each phase.

  • No syringe – no application of plunger rod, label or backstop control device.
  • Compact footprint and essential design.
  • Excellent visibility of the whole process and great accessibility to the working area for immediate maintenance.

IMA SENSITIVE AP400T Labelling machine for cartons

Available as a stand-alone unit or integrated in a complete packaging line, the SENSITIVE AP400T applies tamper-evident sealing at a high speed while occupying a reduced footprint. Flexible and ergonomic, it handles a wide range of carton sizes.

The SENSITIVE AP400 T is an automatic linear labeller fitted with two labelling heads to apply a tamper-evident sealing on carton sides. The label dispenser, application group and carton transport speed are synchronized by a stepping motor. The precise position of the cartons ensures extremely accurate label application.

  • Positive carton transport system ensuring smooth transfer throughout the working area.
  • Brushless technology offering maximum labelling precision.
  • Easy access to the working area.

Read more about tamper-evident labeling here.


IMA SENSITIVE AP400 CW Labelling machine for cartons

Compliant with the latest Track & Trace and serialization statutory requirements, the SENSITIVE AP400 CW combines an outstanding carton weighing system with a compact layout to save space in the production area.

Conceived for 100% weight control and selection of every single carton, the SENSITIVE AP400 CW uses up to three labelling heads for label application on three sides of the carton. An innovative and reliable transport belt transfers each unit onto a dedicated loading cell while minimising vibrations and interferences in real time.

  • Positive carton transport system ensuring smooth transfer throughout the working area.
  • Brushless technology offering maximum labelling precision.
  • Easy access to the working area.

IMA SENSITIVE 200 Labelling machine for vials and bottles

Appropriate labelling is required for all containers used for pharmaceutical drugs. The SENSITIVE 200 is a linear labelling machine suitable for applying self-adhesive labels to oval, elliptical and rectangular containers and even to cylindrical containers (one label only).

The machine can be equipped with one or two side heads, one opposite the other, according to the labelling requirements and is one of the best solutions for low-medium outputs.

  • Compact and ergonomic design with stainless steel finish.
  • Can be supplied in stand-alone version or integrated in complete processing and packaging lines.
  • Rejection unit for containers with missing labels and/or incorrectly printed data.
PPS A/S labeling equipment from Herma - labeling heads Herma 400 Herma Basic

Labeling applicators

All the standard models as well as the special labeling equipment from Herma are based on the same two labeling applicators:

Herma 500 – is the flagship of Herma. Herma 500 is built in the highest quality and labels with highest precision and speed. Moreover, it is compatible with Industry 4.0 and can be combined with various printers, as well as vision and control systems.

Herma 400 – is the famous versatile labeling applicator with premium flexibility, quality, and accuracy.

Herma Basic holds many of the same skills as the H400. For more straightforward jobs it allows a more economical beneficial solution.

Herma InNo-Liner

Herma InNo-Liner

The Herma InNo-Liner system is linerless and apply labels with the patented self-adhesive material. Due to the lack of liner and therefore the minimized waste, the Herma InNo-Liner is not only a cost-cutting game changer from the perspective of logistics and shipping, but also actively contributes to protecting the environment. In the absence of a liner, each roll can accommodate more labels, so that both the shipping weight and the necessary warehousing space are reduced.

  • Lower transport volume and weight and therefore reduced CO2 emissions
  • Less warehousing space
  • More material on each roll and therefore fewer roll changes

Read more about the Herma InNo-Liner here.

PPS A/S labeling equipment from Herma - top and bottom labeling machine

Top and bottom labeling

Top and bottom labeling is the most commonly used type of labeling. Herma and PPS offer solutions for either bottom or top labeling, or a combined fully automatic system for simultaneous application of top and bottom labels.

  • Labeling speed up to 250 units per minute.
  • Products are guided by either motorized side belts or special guide rails.
  • Labeling system can be integrated into existing production lines.
PPS A/S labeling equipment from Herma - L and C shape labeling system

L- and C-shape labeling

It is increasingly important to securely seal a broad range of products as well as prevent from tampering. For this, L- and C-shape labeling is ideal, as the label in general need to be applied over one or more edges. Additionally, the labels can contain an amount of variable information, such as ingredients or expiration date.

  • The labeling system can easily be integrated with printing, inspection, and rejection systems.
  • Labeling solutions specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • Compliance with the strictest requirements for tamper evident labeling.
PPS A/S labeling equipment from Herma - tabletop labeling system

Tabletop labeling equipment

For smaller productions, a tabletop labeling unit will be sufficient.

For these applications Herma offers a variety of solutions; from a simple unit that peels of the label from the backing paper and manual places it onto the product, to a system where the operator places a round object, e.g. a bottle, on rollers for automatic and exact labeling.

PPS A/S customized automation and robot labeling system - labeling equipment from Herma and automation robots from denso

Robotic solutions for labeling

Standard labeling equipment might not be enough to solve a tricky labeling job. By combining a Herma labeling applicator and a small robot, a more flexible and/or specialized solution can be offered.

PPS designs and builds such turnkey solutions and we can supply complete lines, offering both the labeling part, but also – if needed – a packaging line for packing the labeled products into cartons, shipper boxes and onto pallets.

Explore our selection of industrial labeling machines

Together with IMA and Herma, PPS offers numerous labeling solutions designed to meet the many different needs and requirements in product and pharmaceutical labeling.

Automatic label applicators for pharmaceuticals

In the PPS selection of automatic label applicators, you will find a wide range of labelers particularly suitable for pharmaceutical labeling.

Our labelers can be configured to fit a variety of different container sizes and shapes. This makes our machines versatile as well as an excellent choice for businesses changing from manual to automatic label application.

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PPS A/S Service & Aftersales solutions for customers

Service & Aftersales for automatic label applicators

Uniquely for the industry, PPS has its own service department. Our service department has specially trained technicians with the highest expertise and experience surrounding industrial labeling machines. We offer a long list of services, including:

  • Installation and renovation of existing labeling machines.
  • Design of complete labeling solutions from the requirements, specifications and logistics to execution and validation.
  • Competent feedback on automation solutions or other type of production optimization.
  • Installing and/or moving entire production or packaging lines.
  • Training of technical personnel and operators in optimal use of the installed labeling machines and equipment.
  • Tailor-made service and aftersales agreements for ongoing maintenance of label machines as well as assistance in case of breakdown.

In addition, PPS delivers spare parts and consumables directly to our customers from own stock. Having our own stock ensures fast and efficient delivery, minimizing any production downtime for our customers.

If you want to know more about our service department, please contact us directly or get more information here.