How is PPS handling Covid-19?

PPS is still open and ready to support our customers and partners with spare parts and service, as well as continue to work on current and new projects. This is of course done in the most responsible way and in full compliance with instructions from authorities. Our focus is, as always, to assist and help our customers to the fullest extent, so that we all get through this challenging time.

How can PPS help?


Whenever possible, all scheduled and future meetings are held by telephone or Microsoft Teams/Skype.

Spare parts & consumables

PPS After Sales are open and we can still supply spare parts and consumables. However, as we do not know how things will develop during the coming months, we urge customers to order consumables and critical spare parts needed for the next couple of months. We have no indications that it will be impossible to procure spare parts in the near future, but we’ve already experienced problems with day-to-day delivery from several suppliers across Europe.


PPS continues to make service visits to our customers. If possible, problems are resolved over phone or video calls. During physical visits, we follow the guidelines of the National Board of Health to reduce the risk of contagion. This means that the PPS employee does not give handshakes or have any other physical contact. Furthermore, we ask that face-to-face communication only takes place if there is no other option – and in such cases, it must be with minimum a two-meter distance. In addition, PPS naturally follows our customers’ rules and restrictions.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, or any other challenges, you are always welcome to contact us. Then we will do the best to find a solution with you.

Best regards,

Søren Pedersen
CEO & Sales Director