IMA Pharma

IMA Pharma is global leader within their field of designing solutions for all aspects of processing and packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. They are constantly researching and developing innovative and technological superior solutions. Moreover, they are the sole supplier that can deliver an entire line, from when raw material enters the factory to the finished product leaving in shipping boxes, labeled and palletized, ready for sale.

This positions IMA as a one-in-all supplier, as they produce everything you need for your processing and packaging facilities.

Together with the knowledge and expertise of the PPS team, we offer you state-of-the-art solutions, tailored to your specific needs, may it be a standard model or a specially designed complete line. Either way, you’ll always get:

one point of contact – one investment – one contract

Below you’ll see an example of a complete processing and packaging line. All parts are from IMA, which ensures connectivity, flexibility, and enhanced value and efficiency of the entire line.

IMA machine overview

IMA Pharma specialized divisions

IMA Pharma is divided into specicalized divisions, designated to a specific field.

  • The IMA Active division covers solutions for solid dose manufacturing.
  • IMA Life is the leader in the field of aseptic processing and freeze drying solutions.
  • In the IMA Safe branch you’ll find solutions such as blister packaging machines, capsule and tablet counters, tube fillers and cartoners.
  • IMA BFB manufactures various end-of-line equipment.

For a complete overview of the specialized divisions, take a look at the graphics below. Further down the page, you’ll find direct links to all IMA solutions showcased in our site.

Do you need any other information or wish to discuss your specific needs, please find our contact details here.

IMA PHARMA Specialized Divisions
ima safe 2

IMA Safe offers a complete range of primary and secondary packaging solutions which you can learn more about via the links below:

Tube filler

Capsule and tablet counters

Blister packaging

Pouch and sachet packing

Packing and end-of-line

ima life 2

IMA Life division is leading in aseptic processing and freeze drying solutions, which you can read more about here:

Liquid process equipment

Liquid filling

Powder filling

Freeze dryer

Protection and containment


Washing and cleaning

ima active 2

The IMA Active division is a leader in powder and solid processing and manufacturing. You can learn more about the different options here:

Tablet coating

Fluid bed

Powder mixer

Tablet press

Product handling

Washing and cleaning

ima bfb 2

IMA BFB offers end-of-line solutions and secondary packaging machines. Learn more about the solutions here:

Stretch banding and wrapping

Case packers

Palletizers and depalletizers

ima automation 2

IMA Automation supplies, among other things, machines for the manufacture of various types of inhalers and assembly of injection systems (such as pens), as well as solutions for mounting several variants of tubing sets, pacemakers, surgical sutures and diagnostic devices.

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