New Herma 500 Labeling machine with no compromises and ultimate performance.
If you are looking for the ultimate performer then visit PPS at Scanpack.

PPS A/S labeling machines from Herma

PPS introduces the new HERMA 500. Building on the tremendous international success of Herma’s flagship, HERMA 400, the HERMA 500’s Industry 4.0 readiness reflects today’s modern production lines and environments. Ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the new HERMA 500 offers speed, connectivity and safety – while providing maximum quality and flexibility.

Works with touchscreen with innovative menu guidance and offers time saving set-up via intelligent features and groundbreaking technologies.

Herma 500 provides maximum quality with unsurpassed reliability and enables 100% monitoring of every label applicator during synchronized serial production. Long-term availability of all parts is guaranteed, and the machine’s future-proof interfaces meet your digital challenges. Please watch video below:

Quick set-up: 
Short make-ready time thanks to innovative technologies such as assisted backing paper feed & automatic label length detection.

Safe operation:
4.3” touchscreen with clear symbols, intuitive menu guidance, and individual customization
IIoT-enabled thanks to Ethernet interface and configurable fieldbus connection.

Optimal readability:
Touchscreen rotatable in 90-degree steps with multicolored status indication.

Improved performance:
25 percent faster labeling speeds thanks to newly developed components.

High-precision labeling:
Modular dispensing systems enable perfectly reproducible application of various label types.

Intelligent control:
State-of-the-art machine communication.

Versatile use: 
Unprecedented versatility and compact design offer fast, easy integration into any production line.

Spot-on information: 
Favored parameter settings directly displayed on home screen, offering quick access to menu, search function, and user level settings.

Online registration:
Fast support, functional upgrades & firmware updates.

Perfect integration:
Can be used to replace HERMA 400 models with just a few modifications.

Visit PPS booth B03:60 at Scanpack to see a live demo of the new Herma 500 as well as the wrap-around labelling solution Herma 152C.